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Countries and Regions

An overview of the countries and regions we work with.

  • Argentina

    By harnessing Argentina’s vast renewable energy potential, Argentinian industry could become a global producer of renewable hydrogen and PtX products.

  • Brazil

    Brazil has the potential to become a global leader in the production of green industrial products.

  • China

    Approximately half of the world's production of energy-intensive raw materials takes place in China, making the country pivotal for global industrial transformation.

  • European Union

    The European Green Deal provides a foundation for a climate-neutral industry but needs to be complemented with accelerated development of key infrastructure and markets for clean products.

  • Germany

    The industrial transformation towards climate neutrality is a cross-sectoral innovation programme that fundamentally redesigns many areas of the economy.

  • Japan

    The transformation towards climate neutrality of Japan’s industry requires a fundamental restructuring of value chains.

  • Multilateral work

    As industrial products are traded internationally, multilateral collaboration and coordination of policies and standards are necessary to drive industrial transformation across regions and levels of economic development.  

  • South Africa

    With its vast renewable energy potential and abundant natural resources, South Africa is one of the countries with the greatest potential for developing a renewable hydrogen economy.

  • South East Asia

    The fast economic growth and increasing demand for energy-intensive raw materials in Southeast Asia underline the need for an industrial climate policy framework and investments in low-carbon technologies.

  • South Korea

    An economy built on carbon-intensive industries, South Korea needs to rapidly transform its manufacturing sector to reach climate neutrality by 2050 and to maintain its global competitiveness.