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Training tomorrow’s climate and energy transition experts

Our training programs provide insights and promote a better understanding of a climate neutral future.

Agora Training

Agora training programmes for climate and energy policy experts

Informed specialists play a crucial role in tackling global climate issues and shaping the energy systems of tomorrow. Although energy policy primarily falls within the realm of national policy, all national energy transformations share numerous commonalities, including international climate obligations, low-carbon technologies, traded energy resources, effective regulatory principles, market structure, and other aspects.

To foster international expertise and knowledge transfer as well as strengthen policy, communications, and technical competencies of energy transition professionals around the globe, Agora think tanks offer a joint training portfolio in an in-person or virtual setting. The trainings, developed by Agora experts in cooperation with our partners, are particularly aimed at energy transition policy experts employed by or affiliated with think tanks or other non-governmental organisations working in the energy transition field. Experts from civil society organisations and/or academic bodies researching energy policy, or another relevant field fall into the wider target group.

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