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19 September 2022

Power-2-Heat Transformation Cost Calculator

This tool compares climate-friendly heat pumps and electric boilers with conventional gas boilers and cogeneration systems in industry.

About this tool

This transformation cost calculator provides a tool to compare the costs of climate-friendly production of industrial process heat by heat pumps and electric electrode boilers with a conventional natural gas-based process.

The overarching goals are:

  • Identifying and quantifying the costs of climate-friendly production of industrial heat and comparing it to conventional processes.
  • Defining a tool to support the assessment and discussion of specific projects and policy instruments.
  • Creating a transparent basis for discussing the costs and benefits of transforming a production facility.

Its use for the assessment of specific projects is possible under the own responsibility of the parties involved, but it cannot replace a specific investment analysis.

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Bibliographical data

Thomas Mühlpointner (FutureCamp Climate GmbH), Alexander Scholz (Wuppertal Institut für Klima, Umwelt, Energie GmbH)
Version number
Publication date

19 September 2022

Suggested Citation
Agora Industry, FutureCamp Climate, Wuppertal Institute (2022): Power-2-Heat: Direct electrification of industrial process heat - Calculator for estimating transformation costs. Model version 1.1, Berlin, September 16, 2022
This publication was produced within the framework of the project Power-2-Heat: Climate-neutral industrial process heat.

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