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Agora Industry develops scientifically sound and politically feasible strategies for a successful pathway to a climate-neutral industry.

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15 insights on the global steel transformation

The phase-out of coal in steelmaking, a swift roll-out of clean technologies and the creation of an international green iron trade can put the global steel industry on a pathway to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the early 2040s, a new study by Agora Industry and Wuppertal Institute finds.

The study provides two scenarios for 1.5°C-compatible steelmaking: one applies a wide range of clean steelmaking technologies, while the other focuses on the accelerated roll-out of DRI after 2030. Both are technically feasible if governments and industry take rapid action. This includes removing major bottlenecks such as engineering and construction capacities, ramping up key technologies and infrastructure, and putting in place a targeted regulatory framework.

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15 Insights on the Global Steel Transformation



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Agora Industry is active in a variety of regions and countries and cooperates with a wide network of partner think tanks on the ground. Explore our international work.

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