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South Africa

With its vast renewable energy potential and abundant natural resources, South Africa is one of the countries with the greatest potential for developing a renewable hydrogen economy.

South Africa

South Africa is ideally placed to become a major player in a future hydrogen economy. The significant potential of renewable energy and abundant mineral resources such as iron ore, platinum group metals, and rare earth elements offer the country ample opportunities to provide products for green value chains that will be in high demand in the future.  A prerequisite for this is to transform the country's energy supply from the current system dominated by coal-fired power generation, which also has significant challenges in terms of energy supply shortages, to utilising affordable renewable energy sources with a high level of reliability. This power sector transformation can pave the way for value creation in hydrogen-based industries, such as the production of fertilizers, sponge iron and synthetic fuels. Together with partners in South Africa, Agora Industry develops policy concepts to help achieve a reliable, renewables-based power sector and support the development of a sustainable hydrogen economy.

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