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By harnessing Argentina’s vast renewable energy potential, Argentinian industry could become a global producer of renewable hydrogen and PtX products.

Argentina has diverse energy resources, but is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels for its total energy supply and power generation. Natural gas accounts for more than 50% of the country's total energy supply and more than 80% of the electricity generation. This also applies to its industrial sector, which relies on fossil fuels to supply more than 60% of the energy used. But the country also has huge renewable energy potential and the industrial sector can make a significant contribution to harnessing it, particularly through the production of renewable hydrogen and Powert-to-X (PtX) products for domestic use and export. Renewable hydrogen production can help boost Argentina's renewable energy sector while contributing to the decarbonisation of Argentinian industry. At the same time, low-carbon industrial growth has the potential to generate important socio-economic benefits for the country and contribute to global climate efforts through the export of green value-added products. Agora Industry works with local partner to inform the debate on building a renewable hydrogen economy in Argentina by providing analyses and facilitating stakeholder dialogue.

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