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11 June 2024 12:30 - 18:30h

How to make the European Industrial Deal succeed – going beyond national approaches towards a European solution for clean industry

The new EU legislative cycle offers fresh opportunities to boost the transformation of European industry and set international standards for the production of climate friendly products. The hybrid event offered insights from European institutions, national governments, industry and associations.

Event Recording

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What this event, co-organised by IDDRI, Forum Energii & Agora Industry, was about

By building on the strengths of the European Green deal, the EU can create vital incentives to scale up renewables, make significant energy efficiency gains, create green jobs of the future and decarbonise not only its domestic production but also global value chains. The numerous border carbon adjustment (BCA) instruments announced in other countries are evidence of the lighthouse effects of the European Green deal. At the same time, the crises in recent years have shown the importance of a resilient European industry. The upcoming US election is just one example of potential future disruptions.

European industry faces three major challenges today: First, it must transform dramatically in the next decade to align with the European Green Deal objectives. Second, it needs to define and better integrate the strategic autonomy objective. Third, it must agree and pursue policies for its long-term competitiveness.  

To tackle these challenges, Europe will have to establish strategies which accommodate all of those goals and help them reinforce each other. It must identify those areas where the EU is already doing well and those where additional measures may be necessary. The 27-nation bloc also has to pursue a more integrated approach to industrial policy that can address the scale of this collective challenge, rather than resort to inefficient industrial nationalism.

At this event which Agora Industry co-organised with the French thinktank IDDRI and the Polish thinktank Forum Energii attendees had the opportunity to:

  • join leading decision-makers from European industry and national and EU policy circles to discuss the opportunities and challenges resulting from the transition to clean industry in Europe,
  • hear perspectives from France, Germany and Poland on a European industrial vision for the next decade and
  • learn what they are doing to implement the EU Green Deal and the Green Deal Industrial Plan in practice and discuss which gaps remain to be closed as part of the next European legislative cycle.

You can find the agenda in the download section below.

We recorded the event and will publish the recording soon.

Event details

How to make the European Industrial Deal succeed – going beyond national approaches towards a European solution for clean industry

Representation of the State North Rhine-Westphalia
Room: Macke/Ernst
Rue Montoyer 47
1000 Brussels

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