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Forum Energii

The goal of the Forum Energii is to support a debate that aims to develop a low-emission model for the Polish power sector. As in most European countries, the Polish energy sector has been undergoing a significant transformation. An aging power infrastructure calls for modernisation and expansion, the share of the renewable energy sources is rising, and the debate over energy security in terms of both security of supply and availability of fuels has become a priority issue for the entire European Union.

The electricity sector has entered a transformational phase. As formidable challenges loom ahead, it is paramount that any decisions on the future of this sector be based on independent and reliable studies. Therefore, it is important to promote a debate among the key market players: the regulatory bodies, transmission system operator, electricity producers, and others. Moreover, it is essential to consider European cooperation in light of common regulations and decisions concerning the integration of the electricity markets and, chiefly, due to the synergistic effect of regional integration on reducing costs. In this context, an international exchange of experiences in the area of electricity market operation and a joint search for practicable solutions is expected bring notable benefits.