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Agora Energiewende

Under the umbrella of the Agora Think Tanks, Agora Energiewende develops politically feasible and science-based strategies and solutions for the transformation to climate neutrality – in Germany, Europe, and internationally. Along with overarching questions of climate policy, the successful transformation to a climate-neutral energy system is at the core of their work. The think tank works in close cooperation with Agora Industry, Agora Agriculture and Agora Verkehrswende in order to keep all areas of climate neutrality in mind.

As a think tank and policy lab they facilitate a productive exchange of ideas amongst stakeholders from politics, business, science and civil society. Their research identifies feasible policy solutions -  without ideological commitments. As a non-partisan, non-profit organisation funded by foundations and public institutions, Agora is independent of corporate and partisan interests. The think tank’s exclusive mission is to serve the climate and the common good. With their independent expertise, they aim to advance climate action within the framework of politically agreed goals, while including a broad range of stakeholders.