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18 April 2024 14:00 - 15:30h CEST (9:00-10:30 BRT)

Brazilian energy transition: 12 Insights on hydrogen

How can Brazil’s hydrogen strategy advance a just and green transformation? Find out at this online event (in Portuguese)!

Event Recording

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What this event (in Portuguese) is about

The expansion of the hydrogen economy in Brazil, with its wealth of renewable resources, is an opportunity to pursue the goal of a just and clean industrial transformation by creating green jobs and developing strategic collaborations that can result in win-win situations for the global North and South.

Against this backdrop, Agora Industry and the E+ Energy Transition Institute have analysed the development of the hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) industry in Brazil resulting in the report “12 Insights on Hydrogen – Brazil Edition” which will soon be published. It examines how the use of hydrogen can contribute to Brazil's neo-industrialisation efforts and global decarbonisation goals, including by leveraging the country’s political momentum with the G20 presidency in 2024 and the hosting of COP 30 in 2025.

The report’s findings were presented by the authors from Agora Industry and E+ at this online event. The duration of the event was 1.5 hours.

The event takes place in Portuguese (no interpretation provided).

Target audience
This event was aimed at a Brazilian audience interested in the development of hydrogen and PtX markets.

Recording (in Portuguese)
We have recorded the event. The recording can be found above.

The slides shown during this event can be found further down.

Event details

Brazilian energy transition: 12 Insights on hydrogen

Agora Online Event

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