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Shahriar Mohammadzadeh

Student Assistant Team Industry

Shahriar Mohammadzadeh is a Student Assistant at Agora Industry and focuses mainly on issues related to Climate Positive Chemistry. His work includes renewable energy and electrification, biomass as feedstock and chemical recycling, and low-carbon technologies for various industry sectors. In addition, Shahriar supports the Industry team by compiling the latest research and reports related to the energy transition.

Shahriar completed a BSc in ''Petroleum Engineering – Drilling and Extraction'' in Iran, followed by an internship on an onshore drilling rig and working for a year as a Team Assistant in a company manufacturing oil and gas wellhead equipment. Parallel to his work at Agora Industry, he is pursuing a Master of Environmental and Resource Management at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus. His master thesis focuses on the topic of Hydrogen for Smart Energy Systems.