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Agora Agriculture

Agora Agriculture produces science-based analyses, organizes dialogues, and develops politically feasible solutions for a broad range of topics, from the transformation of livestock farming to the rewetting of peatlands, sustainable arable farming and land use in the bioeconomy, and sustainable food systems.

An important basis of the work of Agora Agriculture is the integrated consideration of the sustainability dimensions. This, together with cooperation with Agora Energiewende, Agora Mobility and Agora Industry, enables the comprehensive consideration of synergies and conflicting goals in the context of future land use. The organisation focuses on the transformation in Germany; however, they also work on key processes at the EU level and consider the international implications of political action.

Since transformation is a task for society overall, Agora Agriculture addresses our analyses and recommendations to political decision-makers, interest groups from the private sector, agricultural producers, civil society, and journalists. They see the necessary change as an opportunity – not only for society – but also for the sectors involved. These change processes require a democratic and knowledge-based design. Agora Agriculture contributes to this.