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Get an overview of the topics we work on.

Primary topics

  • Circular economy

    Using materials more efficiently is the best way to reduce emissions from industries such as steel, cement, and chemicals

  • Green steel

    A crucial material for everyday life, the steel sector’s transition to climate neutrality will be a cornerstone for scaling the uptake of green products.

  • Climate and trade

    The global industrial transition requires international cooperation on trade policy, large-scale demand creation and technology roll-out.

  • Green lead markets

    A tool to create a demand for climate-neutral products, green lead markets are fundamental to the industrial decarbonisation.

  • Carbon contracts for difference (CCfDs)

    Carbon contracts for difference help secure climate-neutral production financially, making them one of the key policies to kick-start industrial transformation.

  • Electrification of industrial heat

    Direct electrification of industrial process heat reduces fossil fuel dependencies, leading to significant emissions cuts.

Other Topics

  • Green chemicals

    To achieve climate neutrality in the chemical sector, three parallel strategies are essential: the flexible use of renewable energy, establishing a circular economy and replacing fossil with renewable feedstocks.

  • Carbon management

    In addition to emissions reductions, climate-neutral industry will need technologies to address unavoidable emissions, to store carbon in products and to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

  • Clean industry policy package

    There is no magic bullet for achieving climate-neutral industrial production. A package of mutually supporting policies is needed.